Saturday, December 13, 2008

Morning My Ass!

This has been torture.

The nurse yesterday told me they'd call in the morning with the fertilization results. I gave them my home number because I thought that I'd be here all morning. It is now after 12:00. I called to give them my cell phone number instead. This was really just an excuse to call. I was kind of hoping I would be able to talk to someone who knew something. I think I was talking to a receptionist.

Here's my worry. I am afraid that they save the 0% fert. results for the afternoon so my case manager can call me instead of someone in the lab. I asked the receptionist if it was normal for them to wait this long to call. She told me they don't usually call until 2:00. What? I can only hope that this is because today is a Saturday and things work a little differently.

I've never been in the 2WW but I dare to say this might be harder (feel free to set me straight). I have no idea if my eggs are crap or not. If they are, then our chances for a pregnancy are slim to none. I feel like our whole IF future is waiting on this call. Am I being dramatic?

Why won't they just call?

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