Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's On!

We got the results.

Out of the four eggs, three were good and were ICSI'd.

Two of them fertilized and are ranked the highest grade (A).

We're thrilled to have come this far!

Here's the part I'm confused about. They're transferring them on Day 2. That's tomorrow. I was totally unprepared for a Day 2 transfer. I don't really understand a Day 2 transfer. I thought they didn't really do that anymore. I need to consult Dr. Google. I have heard some differing opinions that the eggs do or do not survive any better in your uterus versus in a lab. I think they are figuring that we will transfer these two no matter what, so they might as well do it tomorrow.

I read this article a while back regarding which days to transfer. One doctor had the opinion that eggs do not survive any better in you uterus than they would in a lab. He said that it is a way to make your clinic look better in case of a negative outcome. "Your embryos were fine when we put them in you. What did you do to them?" I wish I could go back and find that article. It offered an interesting perspective.

I guess what I really want to know is if a Day 2 transfer does any harm. It's not like we have any eggs to pick and choose from, so maybe it doesn't matter what day they go back in.

Maybe I should just be happy and trust that my doctor has some experience with this and knows what he is doing. He has gotten me this far in a crazy cycle.

DH said something bittersweet when I was talking to him about all this. He said, "Wouldn't you want them to be with us if they don't make it, instead of in a lab all by themselves?" Wow! That caught me off guard. He is usually not so sentimental.

So tomorrow it is.

I will bring them home.

Hopefully they'll stay.


tryingtoconceive said...

I'm sure its because you just have the two. And contrary to anything you've read, everything I've ever read says that your body is better than any other place. They warned us about this at our clinic at our very first orientation class.

SO, try to relax, this is a VERY GOOD thing!

The hardest part about transfer for me was having a full bladder. I totally thought I would pee my pants before it was over (even though I wasn't wearing pants!) and then didn't want to pee because I was afraid they would fall out!

Clio said...

I also believe that our bodies are the perfect place for these embabies to develop. :)
They'll be home with you tomorrow!
My retrieval was hard, but my transfer was a breeze. They gave me valium, which I really enjoyed. ;) And basically didn't feel a thing. DH could be with me too, so that was very nice.
have a happy transfer!

PJ said...

I'm so glad you've made it this far! I know it must be a relief to KNOW you have made it to transfer!

Read your previous post. And I will tell you that FOR ME the worst part about the whole process IS the 2ww (two week torture?). They just about carted me off to the mental institution last time! However, I think I'll do better this round. Maybe?

I did a bunch of reading this past week about 3 day verses 5 day, and there is a chart on my blog about it, a few posts back. But the concensus was that the embryos do better if they are in the natural environment of the uterus.

I have definitely heard of other people doing 2 day transfers, on blogs and forums.

Out of the FIVE we had leftover from this cycle, only ONE made it to freeze! Must have been rough goins on in the petri disk!

So will you be on bed rest?

'Murgdan' said...

It's already been mentioned, but I'm sure they are doing it because these are THE two that will be transferred, whether it's now or later....and a real uterus has got to be somewhat better than a fake-lab one.

I wish you the BEST for your transfer!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having grade A embies. That is awesome. And like everyone has said, my RE had once suggested that the embies do better in the uterus than in the lab. Go Good Luck!! Hope they really really stick!

Lost in Space said...

Congrats on having 2 great embabies to transfer!! I agree with all the others that there is really no reason to not transfer them now. Waiting until 3 or 5 day really just weeds out the ones that wouldn't make it. With 2, there really isn't any reason to wait. Every RE I have seen says that embryos just typically do better in their natural environment.

I hope the transfer goes great and that you have a couple of "stickers" there!!

G said...

Just caught up on your last couple of posts... well done getting such great embryos!!! A graders, great job!!!

I don't really know anything about the difference between transfer days, but these other girls all make a lot of sense, sounds like 2 day transfer will be just right for you. And how gorgeous of your DH, bringing your embabies home awwwww!!

BEST of luck with transfer, I will be thinking of you x

Anonymous said...

You go Girl,
Focus on the quality of your eggs, that is a very important factor in this all coming together. From the article I read it seems to be one of the highest predictors of pregnancy. So now relax,so your you uterus can embrace your beautiful, healthy Embroy's!!!!

And your DH is the sweetest, and his response to your questioning the day of transfer, is the most enduring comment I have ever heard a man make!! Your blessed, so be blessed.

Jill said...

Good luck with your transfer! Hope those two stick around for a long time to come!!

Emily said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck!!