Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'll Take That

I am really trying to take this cycle one day at a time and be thankful for everyday I can still participate. At today's check Dr. G found 7 measurable follicles (all still fairly small) all pretty much the same size. That will do for now. I remember when I used to assume I'd make more, but if I were to get seven (hell even 4 or 5) mature follicles I'd be thrilled at this point. Funny how your perspective changes. My E2 level came back a little low (what's new?) at 76. He said he assumed it would be anywhere between 50 and 200 by looking at the ultrasound. I guess he thought it must be a little low though because he upped my dosage of menopur (my favorite) to 300 ius a night! That's four vials I have to mix now! The follistim will remain the same at 300. What is wrong with my body that I need that much medicine to kick it into gear? If I continue, I'll have to order more. We'll see what happens at my next stim check on Friday.

Please no lead follicles. . .Please no lead follicles. . .Please no lead follicles. . .


As I was getting dressed this morning to head out to my appt. I thought of PJ at Infertility on the Brain. I decided to wear some cute socks under my boots. I've never really given much thought to my socks at an RE appt. before. Today I did.
And guess what? He noticed! He asked, "What do your socks say?" and I said, "Chicks with Brains." He thought that was hilarious and asked where I got them. I told him from a friend at work (only teachers give each other cheesy gifts like that). I'm totally wearing my "I love my dachshund socks" next.
So PJ, this one's for you:

(You can't tell from my crappy pic, but there is a chick wearing glasses)*************************************************************

I knew Dr. G moved out here last spring from Ohio with his family. This summer during my first try, I found out he was looking for a house in the city I teach in, the same neighborhood no doubt. So at the beginning of the school year I looked at the class rosters of the fifth graders to see if his last name showed up on any lists. I couldn't find it. I assumed he got a house somewhere else. I assumed wrong!

At today's appt. he asked me what time I needed to be in the office. I reminded him I was a teacher. One thing led to another and it turns out his daughter does go to my school (I don't know how I missed the name). You should have seen the look on his face. It was pretty funny. It was like he instantly melded his two worlds of work and family. Good I say, every little personal thing he remembers about me the better. I might get some extra care. And if he doesn't make me a baby, then I know his daughters teacher, and I'm going to make sure she fails every subject! I hope the thought crossed his mind. I just upped the ante. He probably really wants to get rid of me know.

What a small world.


AmyC623 said...

I wish I could share some of my E2 and overzealous follicle growth with you! It didn't do me much good, as my 25 retrievable eggs were not mature. Slow and steady wins the race! I am hoping your results this round are PERFECT!!!

PJ said...

OH MY GOSHHHHH! I'm so excited about your chickie socks! And honored!

Yep. One day at a time. It's the best philosophy, I think. My dosages have been 450iu of GonalF from the getgo this time. That's pretty much the maximum. And the stupid vials are 450-600iu's a vial (at $350 a pop, ugh!). But, whatever it takes!

Hey, I say the more memorable you are, the better.

Lookin' forward to the socks tomorrow! I love it!

Infertile Friend said...

Love the fact that his daughter is at your school! And I too wore socks to my appointment for PJ! She has really started a trend! I need to snap a picture tomorrow!

Emily said...

It is a small world!!

Sorry you were a little disappointed today, but it sounds like things are moving and growing and that is good for today. One day at a time, right?
GL!!! C'mon follies!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.... what a coincidence!! Did he blush when he knew that you are one of the teachers at his daughter's school?!

7 is a good number. Crossing my fingers for all of them to mature.

Lisa said...

Way to go with the follicle growth! Hang in there, slowly but surely, they are coming along!! One day at a time. Besides, remember, it's always quality over quantity. I'll do the no leading follicle dance for you for sure!! NO LEADING FOLLICLE!!!

And what a small world! I agree, anything personal, that makes him think of you differently than just another case, is a great thing :)

Happy Stimming!

Lost in Space said...

Okay, first off, I totally love your socks and may have to search the Internet to find some for myself. Love them!!

Slow and steady is the way to go. My RE always said he only worries if his patients stim too quickly. A slower pace was what he wanted to see. You are doing great!!

That really is a "small world" story. Could you ever end up teaching his daughter?