Sunday, December 21, 2008


Did I get the lettering right? I've never titled a post like this.

Progesterone is kicking my ass! (pun intended)

Not only does it feel like I've been literally kicked in the ass after each shot, but it is making me crazy. Really, really crazy.

I had been doing great up until about 5dp2dt. I actually felt good. I had lots of energy, my boobs weren't that sore, no cramping, not overly emotional. Then Friday afternoon I got some slight cramping for about two hours. I thought it was because I was a little late taking my afternoon estrogen. Even though they say some cramping is a good thing, I don't like it. It reminds me of how I feel before AF and I don't want her to come.

Yesterday, I woke up very weepy and emotional. Nothing new with me. I've been hormotional (thanks Brenda) all cycle. This was some new kind of crazy I have never experienced before. DH and I had been arguing all morning (can you say stress). We stopped by Starbucks and I almost had an out loud sobbing attack right there in the middle of the store. A weird noise came out of my mouth and I tried to cover it with a cough. It felt like a surge of hormones course through my body. I'm not kidding. Then it passed and I could regroup.

The same thing happened at church later that night (We've been going lately. We are both not super religious. I was raised Catholic- in the loosest sense- and DH had no religion at home, but has been wanting to attend recently). This time the wave of hormones came with the urge to laugh uncontrollably right in the middle of church. Highly inappropriate and I again tried to hide it with coughing. Before it passed I got a hot flash and broke out in a sweat. I was crampy throughout the night.

I thought stim drugs were bad, progesterone is insane!


PJ said...

I think the progesterone makes me tired. But then it could be the estrogen or hcg (hcg! yay!).

Anyway, I'm so glad you got through retrieval and transfer, and I hope this is it for you! The wait is the hardest part.

Emily said...

Aw! Been there, done that. The hormone surges and emotional instability are the worst. Sorry! Hoping it means great news though!!!!

Jill said...

Yes-PIO sucks. I keep thinking it'll be over soon, but I just don't know when I'll ever get to be weaned. While I know you dislike it, I hope it helps you get a BFP soon. Then maybe you can switch to supps for your first trimester!!!

Clio said...

so you had a hot flash as well...?
I'm not sure that's the progesterone, what I mean is, it could be a sign of implantation. that about when I started to have mine, then read online that hotflashes can be a great sign. Let's hope it is. :)
and yeah,. PIO feels like a kick in the butt, you're right. I'm so bruised on both sides it's pityful...

Lost in Space said...

I've never done the PIO, but know the effects of progesterone all too well. It is a cruel little hormone that makes us second and third guess every little symptom.

I am so thinking of you and hoping for a positive outcome from this cycle. You are getting so close. Huge hugs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, last cycle I started progesterone for the first time......kicked my butt too. NOT FUN!