Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You know who they are.

They are annoying.

Those super cute families who have everything personalized. Return address labels with one stick figure for everyone in their house, stick figure families on the back of SUVs (As if everyone on the freeway cares how many kids you have. We don't people. We really don't.) personalized door mats and Christmas ornaments, holiday photo cards, family T-shirts, hats, you name it.

You know why I hate them?

I'm totally jealous. I want all that cheesy family stuff. I really, really do.

If we can't have kids, DH says we can always start a wiener dog farm. We'll buy a big house and let them run around the yard, kind of like a Sprint commercial I saw years ago with a whole stampede of them. Who knows, I might turn into a crazy dog person, buy an SUV and put a whole slew of stick figure dachsunds on the back.

Take that you cheesy suburban soccer moms!


Jill said...

LOL...I envy those cute return address label people, too! I have the DH, dog, and cat, but no baby. For what it's worth, I'm one of those crazy, annoying dog people. I'm always showing pics of him. I say: get a dog! It will help ease the pain of going through infertility!

And I know I'm late here, but thanks for your sweet comments about starting a blog because of someone like me. People are so incredibly kind and supportive in blogland. Congrats on joining the blogger world!

Polly Gamwich said...

I wish I had the stickers on the back window of an SUV I also needed!

It's just not fair and they are so dang cute!!!!

I hate them, yet I love them.

some day ...