Monday, October 13, 2008

A little perspective

I never knew how good it would feel to reach out through a blog. Writing it was such a release.
Thank you for your comments. It was the first time I haven't felt alone with my infertility in awhile.

My sister-in-law is a good friend of mine. She is the reason I met DH. She was dating his brother at the time. We both married them and now it turns out we have the same first and last name. We are both teachers in the same district. So much in common, except IF. . . (they aren't even trying yet). She tries to be supportive, but really has no idea. Which brings me to her comment the other day.

She has been trying to get a condo in my development (sounds a little to close to comfort for me). They have put in two offers on two different homes and both were outbid. She was in such a pissy mood when she found out. She said "It has just put me in such a bad mood all day. We had our hopes up. We thought this one would work out. . .You know of it feels to be disappointed."

WTF?! Did she just compare infertility to the housing market?

I wish I had had the guts to say something.

But then again, maybe she's right. Whenever we get down about infertility DH and I rest assured that it could be worse. We could have been outbid on a house. Sure helps us keep everything in perspective. . .


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Lost in Space said...

Ouch. It amazes me the stuff that spews out of other people's mouths.

When my first IVF failed and I finally told one of my friends through tears, she told me I could always just steal a kid from Disneyland (as her sister's stroller had been stolen there before). Huh???

When my 2nd IVF failed and I was crying to a different friend and explaining about elevated FSH, DOR, and my crap eggs, she told me that it would be great to not have to have cycles anymore. Huh???

And they wonder why I quit talking to them about it.

Sorry for the mini-vent. (: I'm glad the blogging has been therapeutic for you. You most definitely are not alone!!