Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Makeover

For my blog. . .not me, although I'm sure I could use one.

I am so new to this blogging business and aesthetically, my blog wasn't cutting it. It seemed a drab, depressing color that wasn't me, so I gave it an update. Much cheerier I say.

Nothing new for me this week. I am just waiting for my consultation on Thursday. I need to gather a list of questions I have for Dr. G. One of my biggest questions is why my antral follicle count in March was 11 (during my saline sonogram) and I could only produce six on a medicated cycle in August? I thought the whole point of a medicated cycle was to produce more. I guess my body doesn't follow the rules. Or maybe, I am on to something with the whole over suppressed thing because of all that lupron. At my suppression check before my stims, my E2 level was 30. That number didn't seem over suppressed. Has anyone ever had something similar where you feel your body was over suppressed, but your numbers didn't look that way?

See how I over analyze everything? I guess this is my way of taking to take charge of something that I really can't.

Maybe if I'd just relax. . .

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Lost in Space said...

Over-analyze is my middle name. LOL.

When I did the Long Lupron Protocol, I was on 10IU of Lupron during suppression (dropped to 5IU during stims). When I went in for cd3, my E2 was 22.7 and my RE likes it to be under 50, so all was good and suppressed. On cd7, my e2 was 190, but my follicles were only 6-8mm when my RE expected them to be 8-10mm. He dropped the Lupron altogether for the rest of the cycle. Overall, I had fewer eggs retrieved than when I did antagonist (13 vs 8), but we ended up with more embryos.

I'm not sure you can tell if you were over-suppressed from your baseline E2 reading, but it is not uncommon at all to be over-suppressed on Lupron or BCPs. I would definitely ask.

Good luck on Thursday!! Let us know how it goes.