Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Updates

I'm so not technologically savvy. I like to think I'm better than I am, but this stupid little chart has got the best of me. I had to print it and then scan it in. The quality is not great, but at least It is here now for prosperity.

My hormone levels (documented for my information):

12/26/08 (Beta #1) HCG- 324, E2- 917, P4- 100

12/29/08 (Beta #2) HCG- 656, E2- 897, P4- 101

I scheduled my first ultrasound for Monday the 12th. I will be 6 weeks and 3 days. I finally got to talk to Nurse X as all the other updates were coming from their other facility because my local one had been closed over the holidays. I have decided to rename her "Nurse Long Pause." She's the one who made me feel so bad when I called in October to discuss IVF#2. She had all the long pauses and was pretty much writing me off after one crappy cycle (from My First Post). Well, when I called for my ultrasound she did it again.

Me: I just got my second beta results and the other office told me to call you today to schedule an ultrasound.

Nurse Long Pause: (long pause) Okay, let me see.

Nurse Long Pause: (long pause)

Nurse Long Pause: Okay, your numbers look good. (I guess I passed her test- Now can we just get my ultrasound scheduled?)

Me: Why is my progesterone so high? Is it from my PIO shots?

Nurse Long Pause: That could be it, or with your high numbers, you could be carrying two.

Me: I guess we'll see.

Nurse Long Pause: (long pause)

Nurse Long Pause: How about Friday, the 9th?

Me: That sounds a little early to hear a heartbeat.

Nurse Long Pause: Yeah, you don't want to have to come in again. (long pause) How about the 12th?

Me: Great

Nurse Long Pause: Happy New Year.

I have no idea why I decided to dialogue that. I think it is because that conversation made me realize that is just the kind of woman she is and maybe I shouldn't have taken her attitude a few months ago so personally. But I did. I wonder how many other women's feelings she has hurt. Don't they realize they are dealing with infertiles whose emotions are raw?

Symptoms wise, not too much going on.

I have been sleeping a lot more. I go to bed about 8:30 and get up at 7:00 when DH leaves for work. The last three days I have been taking an afternoon nap and I am not normally a napper

I feel all kinds of strange sensations down below, stretching, pulling, gas pains, etc.

My lower back has been pretty sore especially at night and in the morning. It cracks down there sometimes. I hear it is from all the hormones starting to loosen your ligaments. It is probably my top symptom right now. I had some lower back problems before all this, so I'm afraid I am in for a long haul. The heating pad has been my friend.

No real nausea. Sometimes I will get waves of it and it will pass in seconds.

I'm always hungry and I always pee a lot so no change there.

Today I am 5 weeks. This is going very slow. Going back to work on Monday will come as a welcome distraction.

But what will I do with all the kids while I'm napping? . . .


PJ said...

Your chart is beautiful!

OH MY GOSH, I am having a hard time waiting for the ultrasound! Can we just fast forward though the 1st trimester and all of it's risks?

I'm going to be in a world of hurt next week when reality strikes and I have to actually get up off of my butt and do something!

On the bright side though, we will enjoy the last few months of our pregnancies during summer break!!!

Lost in Space said...

Chart looks great! I'm glad you were able to get your u/s scheduled. I will be thinking great thoughts for you on the 12th!

Melody said...

I am so happy for you! At 4 weeks my beta was like 1200 or 1300 (I don't remember exactly) and we just got one little princess. However, I don't think I would have been upset with twins. And, get used to the tiredness. Luckily I was off for summer break during most of my first trimester which was SO nice. Try to rest when you get home from work, DON'T worry too much about the house, it will still be a mess after your nap too and you can clean it then. Again, CONGRATS! I do know it feels like a long time between doctor visits at first but it gets better and you will hold your little prince or princess in NO time!

Melody said...

I am adding you to my friend's list to hear all about your pregnancy and baby. PS. Im a teacher too :)

Anonymous said...

This is so great. I am sorry I missed your announcement post. I am sooo excited for you. Wish you all the very best and I pray that you get to see a healthy HB on the 12th.