Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where did I come from?

Fedex sucks!

They were supposed to deliver my meds between 9a.m. and 1p.m. I had plans to have lunch with a friend of mine. At about 12:30 they call to confirm my address. They say the driver brought the package back to the warehouse because they needed an apartment number. "Um, I don't live in an apartment. I do live in a condo and there is nothing more than a number to my address. So bring me my f-king meds and just be glad I'm not on them now!" I had to go get them myself to ensure they'd make it to me by today. It felt better being the one in control. I am a control freak after all.

I brought the package to my friend's house and threw the follistm in her fridge while we ate. The whole time I was there I could hear her 1 1/2 year old old coughing up a lung in the next room during his nap. I have never mixed a cold with IVF drugs, and I don't think I'd like to start now. As soon as he got up, I grabbed my box of meds and I was out of there. Not before her son points to my package and asks,

"Wat's dat?"

"Oh, these are all the things I need to have a baby. Most people only need a bed."

And that got me thinking. . .

If this whole IVF thing ever works. Just think of the story I can tell my offspring when they ask where they came from. I think it might go a little like this:

Well, (insert name) it all starts with two people who really love each other. But sometimes their love alone is not enough to make a baby and they decide they need some help. So here's where you came from.

First mommy and daddy wrote a big, fat check to a doctor.

Then a big box of medicine arrived at our door.

Mommy used this medicine to help grow a little part of you. This part was not easy for mommy.

Next, a doctor in a high tech lab mixed a little piece of mommy with a little piece of daddy to make you.

Finally you grew inside mommy for nine months.

So, you came from a team of doctors, a box of drugs, a high tech lab, a ton of cash, and oh yea, a whole lot of love from mommy and daddy too.

Okay, so maybe the story wouldn't go exactly like that.

But it might be pretty close.


Lost in Space said...

Grrr, on FedEx, but glad you have the meds now all safe and sound.

I love the "story of conception". Too cute! I'm guessing the pictures of meds and bruised bellies and medical bills can help us to remember how much our children are wanted when we are waiting up late for them when they are 16. (;

Good luck with getting started on your next cycle. Sending "no dominant follicle" thoughts your way!!

Lisa said...


The story of where they came from will be a good one for sure! At least your child will know how badly they were wanted!!

If only we all only needed a bed.

'Murgdan' said...

Yep...I've been thinking about how different (and expensive) the story would be. Ah well...who needs your run of the mill, had sex, got pregnant story anyway?...