Monday, February 2, 2009

My Super Spotty, Super Scary, Super Bowl Weekend


I hate spotting. Like f*cking clockwork it seems to happen every weekend. Saturday night was the worst I've seen it. We were at my mother-in-law's to celebrate DH's brother's b-day. I had rested all day and I was looking forward to a nice dinner.

Every other time I have spotted during this pregnancy I have been around my MIL. Every single time, without fail. I'm not kidding. It happens so much that I said to DH before we left that if I spot tonight, I am not seeing your mother for eight months. No joke, it happened again.

I was feeling bowel type cramps and my hemorrhoids (had them before pregnancy too) felt painful and irritated. I am pretty good at knowing the difference between my abdomen sensations so I was super shocked to see dark pink/light red bright spotting on the tp. I was freaking out! It was more than the light pink I had seen before. I immediately laid down in the guest room and did not join anyone for dinner. That was the worst of it. From then on it turned light pink, then brown.

What also alarmed me was that the brown bleeding continued through Saturday night, all day Sunday and is still hanging around today (though getting lighter). Sunday was strict self-proclaimed bedrest for me. DH and I abandoned our super bowl plans and we had our own private party. He made snacks and it would have been great if I wasn't so worried about the spotting.

I had decided that if it hadn't completely stopped by this morning I would try to make an appt. Getting an appt with my OB is like trying to get past airport security with a weapon, almost impossible. A nurse had sympathy on me for being an IF patient and got me in.

Dr. H. wheeled in the dildo came and looked at me like, "How did you get past security? Spotting can be completely normal?" I looked at her like, "Listen bitch, just do your thing or I'll do it for you." I sure miss Dr. G. sometimes. DH was not very impressed with her either. She can give a mean pap smear, but bedside manner is not her strong suit. I didn't need a best friend. I just needed to know everything was okay.

And (thank God) it was. We even got to see the baby move! Its profile was towards us most of the time but once it turned to face us quickly and then turned back just as fast. DH said it was pointing its finger at us. "Ha, ha got you! This won't be the last time I make you worry." It looked like it was pumping its fists like a boxer. (I hate calling the baby "it", but what else are you going to do right now? Say "the baby" a million times? Use he/she repeatedly?)

When asked the reason for the spotting, no one ever has an answer. She said it could be implantation bleeding. To which I said, "Didn't that happen a long time ago?" She said it could take a while to come all the way out. Bullshit, not buying that one. Then she said it could be from the cervix. That one sounds more like it because I've always had a sensitive cervix and bleed at exams and stuff sometimes. She had no interest in examining it though. I hope I get better service next week with the nurse practitioner.

So here's our latest u/s pic. DH says we have more pictures of our baby already than he ever did of him as a baby (poor ignored third child). Only 10 more days until our next u/s. I'll be holding my breath as I always do. . .


Mimi said...

Thank goodness everything is alright! Your baby is beautiful!!!


Mandibula said...

Oh I know how you feel! It's so nerve wracking! For me it was last Wednesday, this past Tuesday and Thursday and just yesterday! I was sure we had lost one, but today's ultrasound was perfect just like yours. Please don't fret soo much!

PJ said...

That's really scary!

I seem to recall another blogger having what they called implantation bleeding at eight weeks-and saying that her doc said it takes weeks to burrow in.

But yea, the cervix thing makes sense.

SOOOOOO glad it was just a scare and the scan went well!!! Whew!

Emily said...

Yikes!!! Glad everything is ok. Great pic!

Shanny said...

So scary! But i'm glad everything is good!

Melody said...

I don't care if you are the BEST doctor in the world... if your bedside manner sucks, so do you! I changed doc's THE MINUTE Bailey was born b/c everyone said how great doctor F was and he had HORRIBLE bedside manner, he even laughed at me a few times when I asked questions AND he cussed at me a couple times! SO, I am ALL with you not liking the doc b/c of bedside manner. Dr. F will NEVER get another penny from me!

Melody said...

PS. I'm VERY glad you and baby are ok!

Lost in Space said...

I'm so sorry things have been so scary. Maybe avoiding your MIL is the key. (-;

Your u/s looks great. Grow, baby, grow!!

G said...

omg SO happy that everything's ok!! I would have freaked out!!

Is that a Z at the top of the pic?? Looks like your baby is taking a nap :)

Ashley said...

So glad all is well!! Praying that it stays that way!!

Anonymous said...

Oh lord... that was one scary weekend. So sorry that you had to go through it. And yeah... stay away from your MIL!
Sooo glad that you were able to get a u/s.