Friday, August 7, 2009

36 Weeks

Yesterday was our four year anniversary.

We celebrated by getting to see our daughter on an u/s. I had my growth scan and she is estimated at 6 pounds 2 ounces and all the measurements equaled my due date exactly. Something the u/s tech said rarely happens. I'm so glad she's growing on track, despite the high blood pressure meds I've had to take throughout this pregnancy. She's so big now it's hard to get good pictures. We did get a picture of the back of her head and her spine because she was facing away from the machine. She was in a nice birth position. Stay right there please little one. And of course we got another good one of her foot. This is her powerful kicking foot that feels like it will burst out of my side at times.

I had a NST right before the u/s. She was not as active at this one and even juice wasn't helping that much. I guess they got their two movements with good heart accelerations. At one point I heard a strange sound on the monitor for a few seconds. I asked the nurse what it was and she said it was a minor deceleration in the heart rate. I told her she was moving at the time. She said it could be from the baby compressing the cord for a few seconds and it happens all the time. Most people just don't know it happens because they aren't hooked up to monitors. Um. Okay. That's a little too much information for me. And little girl, please stay away from your cord. It's not a toy.

After my appts, DH and I had a nice Italian dinner. I got flowers, a card, and a nice massage. I got him. . . well. . .I got him another day closer to seeing his daughter. This growing a baby is hard work and I have been so tired lately. I did do other things (that did not require shopping)I'm sure he appreciated. . .

I can't believe I am only one week away from what is considered full term. I wouldn't mind if she came two or three weeks from now. I don't know if I want to go four more weeks (or more), not because I feel like I couldn't do it or I'm not up to it, I just want her here and healthy and in my arms so I can see that she is truly real. I don't think my body is doing much of anything to prepare for her arrival though. If I'm having braxton hicks, I don't feel them. I don't think she's "dropped." I doubt I'm dilated or effaced at all (maybe my doc will check on Tuesday). I remember being so scared of preterm labor and cervical incompetence. It is so strange to start hoping for a little contraction here or there, or for my cervix to ripen and open a little. I know she still needs to cook. It's getting hard to be patient.
In other news, I got my second blog award from Michelle! Thanks so much for thinking of me! I need to copy and post and my award and send it on. But I'll save it for another post. I really need some ice cream right now. . . :)

Here are my 35 and 36 week pics:

35 weeks

36 weeks


Mandibula said...

Glad everything is going so well! DH bought a card for our 'pregnant' anniversary which is still in the bag in the kitchen cabinet. I had planned to make one since I was on bedrest and the makings are still sitting in my scrapbooking kit! I guess we all had more important things on our minds!!!

Once your beautiful daughter arrives, she still won't seem real! Our girls will be three weeks on Monday and I still wonder where they came from and who they belong to!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad everything is going well with you and your little girl. Your pics are tooo cute!

Ashley said...

You look GREAT!!! glad to see the incompetant cervix fears go away...I wish mine would soon;) I even asked my dr if it was normal to fear that!! So glad all is well. I can't believe the baby is almost here!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY (HUGS))

Lost in Space said...

You are almost there, girl! So glad to hear everything is going so well. Savor these last weeks...

Carrie said...

You look awesome! I must agree: although those last weeks are uncomfortable, enjoy each second of having her tucked inside!

You are doing such a great job, Mama!

Melody said...

OMG! You are about to have a baby! Is it sinking in yet? Bailey was born at 38 weeks and was my first so really you could go at any time! I'm so excited for you. I've been out of town or I'd have posted earlier!