Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Milestone

I've carried my daughter to term.
I am 37w4d today.

Any extra time now is a bonus for her and a source of anticipation for me. It really is a nerve-wracking experience.

I know I've been told to just relax and enjoy this little time you have left to yourself, the resting and the peace and quiet. And most days, I do. I enjoy it very much. I am sleeping like a champ at night and I take an almost daily nap. That first trimester sleepiness is creeping back in.

There are other times when I just want her here. I feel like I am throwing away the last weeks of being pregnant. This most likely is the only time in my life I will be. I should soak up the feeling of her movements, admire my full belly, and savor the life I have growing inside me. I know I will miss it when she's born. But-to-come-so-far-and-to-almost-be-there-but-not- quite-yet is really getting to me. I want to meet her now.

Yet, we wait. . .
In the meantime, would you like to hear my new worry of the week?

You know you do . . .

I should really wear a sign that says, "Please don't give me too much information because I am neurotic and I will feverishly google whatever numbers, terms or facts you wave in front of me."

At my NST on Monday they started with an u/s to measure my fluid levels. I have usually ranged from anywhere between 12-15 on the amniotic fluid index. The nurses told me anywhere between 5 and 20 is normal. That seems like quite a range, but hey I was measuring in the middle so I didn't care.

This Monday the nurse remarks, "Look at this big pocket of fluid. Look at this thing (as she's pointing to the screen). " I said, "That's the space where she can kick her foot." It's true. I think it's the only space she has left to move in and that leg can really get going. Then she says, "Looks like we don't have to worry about running out of fluid with you." After enough of these damn comments I started to get worried. I said, "Is there too much?" "I don't think so but let's add it up." It was up to 20. High end of normal. The nurse was not concerned and thought it was from my being very well hydrated (as shown in my clear urine sample) and the fact that the baby had probably just peed. The doctor who looked at my NST results didn't care either.

I cared.

I googled AFI indexes and read articles on polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) and causes for it, including fetal abnormalities. (Won't I ever learn not to do these things?). Most things I read said that anything over 24 is a diagnosis of polyhydramnois although some said 18 and others said 20. And I read that 60-65% of cases of a mild onset are for no real reason. So I think I am okay with it for now. We'll see what it is Thursday. I love all this monitoring, but for someone like me, too much info can be a very bad thing.

Do you see why part of me just wants her here?
On to more fun topics:

The nursery is complete!! If you count empty picture frames as complete that is. I still need to order prints and get the frames filled. Other than that, everything is hung, assembled, painted, organized and ready to go.

So I introduce her nursery. . . and her name. You will see it hanging above her crib in the second picture. It was the name of DH's grandma and I've always thought it was pretty. (I also like names you can shorten. I'm too lazy to call someone a whole mouthful all the time. :)

Maddy for short.

Don't forget the 37 Week Belly:


Banana Pancakes said...

OMG the nursery is PRECIOUS! Little Maddy is one lucky girl :) I also wanted to say thank you for not forgetting about us fellow IFers still struggling to get pregnant. It seems like there are so many IF blogs that turn into pregnancy blogs that forget where they once were. It is so much appreciated and we can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful daughter!!!

AmyC623 said...

I can't believe you're at term! I am so happy for you! The nursery is fabulous and you look great! Congratulations!

Ashley said...

Love the nursery!!! You look great! I'm sorry that you are still worrying...I don't think Wimberly every goes away. I have been worrying all week about an incomepetant cervix...DAMN IF!!! PS. I LOVE the name!!

Melissa Griffin said...

Not only is your belly sooo cute! The nursery came out unbelievable!!!

Mandibula said...

Oh I'm getting impatient too! We names one of our girls, Emma Mae, after the grandmothers. It's amazing to see you at term! I wish you all the best for these last few weeks (or days!) :)

Carrie said...

WHAT A MILESTONE! I am so happy you've made it here, but know the last minute worries. Hellloooo! You are talking to a kindred spirit, and I freaked out because my daughter's fluid was on the low side of normal. That is why there is a range, though, right?

The nursery is so beautiful. What a lucky little girl to have a family welcome her with so much love and grace. Madelyn, you are so loved already!

G said...

The nurserty is GORGEOUS!!! and love the name, too. Congrats on getting to term, how exciting for you!! Well done, try to enjoy what's left xxxx

Ashley said...

Hi! I don't have any students yet since I teach pre k. We have been screening them this week. I will let you know how they are next week;)

Clio said...

the nursery is absolutely lovely! great taste you guys!
I understand your wanting to meet her, everything is ready waiting for her arrival. Maybe she's waiting to be a Virgo and not a Leo. Babies know when they are supposed to come. ;)

Lost in Space said...

You are so so close! Wow, it seems like only yesterday...

I'm sorry those worries are still creeping in, especially when you are "right there". Step away from google. (-; Hugs, hun.

Beautiful room and name. Now you just need the baby! (-;

Melody said...

It is a statue. But it is hard to tell. She was calling it "soft" and Zach caught the picture just as she was making the "o" with her mouth! Also, I've been meaning to comment on this. Sorry it took me so long. I REALLY love the name Madelyn! It was actually on my list of names too! Her room is SO cute! I bet you are getting excited to meet her!