Wednesday, July 29, 2009

34 Weeks

I had my first NST on Monday. They start with an u/s every time to check the fluid levels. That was a nice bonus. (So far she is still a girl. Whew!) I guess she didn't like being prodded with the u/s wand because as soon as they hooked me up to the monitors she started going crazy. She doesn't like any pressure on her and was punching at the contraction monitor. One of the nurses accused me (jokingly) of having caffeine. So the whole thing was over in 30 minutes versus the hour they scheduled. I hope she performs that well tomorrow.

I sat next to another girl who was having twin boys and was 31 weeks along. We got to chat a little while when the nurses were out of the room. She was pretty young and young acting. While the thought of her having IF treatments crossed my mind, I'm fairly certain she did not. She was just a little too carefree about her pregnancy. Maybe some woman after IF treatments are. I know I, most certainly, am not.
Project nursery is almost complete! DH has been working so hard. We found these inexpensive wooden letters at Kohl's and we got every letter we needed to spell her name except the "y". We are on a hunt. I call every week after they get a shipment and see if it has arrived. My friend has a Kohl's in Alaska and is checking for me too. I also need to find some things to hang on the walls. It's in the "finishing touches" stage. I will post some pictures as soon as it is all done.

We also need to pack a hospital bag and get some still needed items off our registry. (I just realized the other day, I don't have a diaper bag.) Tomorrow I am going to the mall to find a homecoming outfit for her. We have gotten so many clothes and they're all so cute, but none of them seems to be "the one." Plus, I selfishly wanted to be the one to pick it out and buy it. All little girl clothes are adorable. You really can't go wrong. But, the clothes I love the most are ones that look like a miniature adult clothes. Like an outfit I'd wear if I were that small. Those are pretty easy to find for toddlers over one, but almost impossible to find for a newborn infant. I am determined. I am going to check out "Janie and Jack". Do any of you have that clothing store around? Very expensive, but very cute!
Here is a 34 week belly pic. This one was shot at night instead of the morning. I think that is why I seem about to burst in it. Although it really is getting quite big.

The next picture was taken in the nursery with my precious little dog wrapped around my belly. I admit, it is a bit cheesy, but I like it.


Clio said...

good that your appointment helped put your mind at ease. Wow... it's approaching really quickly! time sure flies. ;)
love the pic with the dog on your belly.

Mimi said...

I am so glad everything is going well! You look amazing girl! I can't wait to see your little girls cute little face!


Ashley said...

Glad you had a good appointment..I love that she was punching the wand;) Love the belly look fabulous!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for all your support and information. I'm looking into it, but will have to update with some of the latest info. You have an award waiting for you on my blog!! Thanks a ton!!! Love you!
Ps. ADORABLE pics!!!!!