Friday, June 19, 2009

29 Weeks

This morning I had my 29 week checkup and last appt with Dr. H. Today was her final day before her maternity leave started. She was really dragging and tired, but I was able to get some good care out of her.

Here is a rundown of my appt:

Heartbeat: 150s-160s (seems normal for her)
Fundal Height: 30 cm (one week ahead- I'm glad. I was worried she wasn't growing)
Position: Head down (for now)
Harry the Hemorrhoid: Not a hemorrhoid!

After an exam by the doctor (just what she wanted to do on her last day) it was found to be a rectal prolapse. (TMI Warning) It is where a part of your inner ass (or rectum scientifically speaking) is hanging out. This can be caused from the growing pressure of your uterus and from the weakening of the anal muscles from all the progesterone. Mine had been prolapsed for so long (a week) that it had developed ulcers and was bleeding and now has some scar tissue formed on it. Fucking lovely! The best part is, I get to try to pop it back into place every time I visit the bathroom. Oh Harry, you and I will get to know each other so well! She said eventually with consistency and time, it will stay in place on its own and should be fine after pregnancy. If someone out there is lucky enough to experience this little pregnancy gem, I hope my blog can help them feel not so alone one day. I never thought I'd get to know my asshole so well . . . Oh well, a small price to pay.

My next appt is not for another four weeks. I thought at this time you started going every two weeks. Whatever. I am doing so much at home monitoring that we can catch a problem better than going every two weeks to the doctor anyway.

I had myself really worked up for this appt and I don't know why. Every week I'm still pregnant feels like such a blessing. I can't believe how far I've come. But Wemberly is ever present and I don't know how to make her go away. I don't think she will until I am holding a healthy baby girl in my arms. And even then, who am I kidding? I hear this is where the true worry begins. I'm hoping the joys outweigh the worries. I am sure they will. I can't wait to find out. . .


PJ said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry about the rectal thing. That sounds awful!

I'm sure it'll all be worth it soon though. 29 weeks does seem like you'd be monitored more closely.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Mandibula said...

OMG! That is horrible! Gross! How can you do it? I don't think I could! I don't think I can reach anymore!! As for your visits, my OB does the singletons every two weeks past 32, so maybe after you're next visit you'll start going more often.

It's really time to put Wemberly to rest! It's summer and you should be relaxing. The baby is good as gold now! Enjoy your nesting!!

Carrie said...

Oh you poor thing! I did not know that could happen... and now I am a little afraid. ;)

My OB did my every other week appts starting at week 32-33 with my daughter, and weekly after 36 weeks. But it would be way more fun to go often, right? For people like us, anyway.

Oh, Wemberly! She's been hanging out over here, too. As for your worry about more worry after baby Girl comes, you are right: the JOY is much stronger and will blow you away! I cannot wait for you!

Ashley said...

The countdown is on...I can't believe you are 29 weeks!! YAYYYYYY!!! As for Harry...that is SCARY!!! I feel so bad for you!! Wemberly is at my house too...she may never leave us now!! Have a great weekend!!

Pickney said...

Hi I found you from Murgdan's blog. I think we are just about at the same stage of pregnancy. My due date is 2 September. When's yours?
Thanks to you, I now think I have a rectal prolapse too. OMG. I'll ask my ob/gyn when I see him this Friday. I start every other week appts now. I thought it was a hemorrhoid too. I also have two inguinal hernias (in the groin area). One is not unusual, but two are quite unusual. We are hoping they hold up until delivery and they will go in after the c-section and fix them then. We want to avoid surgery, even minor surgery, while I'm pregnant. They're actually not as bad as they were--something to do with my intestine moving up. I guess my body is just not holding up, even though I thought I was pretty strong and fit (I'm no waif).
Anyway, I've already written a novel here but why I came by in the first place was what you said about pregnancy after IF being so full of anxiety, and how there isn't that much out there about that. It seems to me that for most people they are just so happy and blissed out. I am happy, but I didn't expect to be so anxious, and sometimes I wonder if I would have done it if I had known how much anxiety there would be. (Granted I have a child already--we had secondary IF). I've just re-read the Tao of Inner Peace to try and find some respite from the anxiety. Sigh.