Monday, June 29, 2009

30 Weeks

Let's see. . . what's been happening?

The Sunday after my last post was Father's Day. I got up early and got DH his favorite sinful treat of donuts and coffee. (While I was there I picked up a few for myself. :) I also gave him two cards. One from our dog (I couldn't resist. It had a picture of a wiener dog that looks just like ours on the front that said, "Happy Father's Day from the one who worships the ground you walk on and tries not to pee on it."), and one from the baby and I. He also got to open a gift. It was two UCLA baby outfits (where he went to school). He was very touched that I thought of him. We spent the rest of the day on my dad's patio boat with family and some friends. It was a very nice day.

Saturday I had my second baby shower with family and friends. Everything was so well done and I got many things I needed. DH's dad bought our crib and mattress a while ago, his sister and my MIL bought our glider (and had it assembled at the shower for me to sit in), my mom got us our bedding, my brother and his fiance got us our car seat, and my friend got us the snugrider snap and go bottom to use as our stroller. So, all in all we did really well with big items. There is still a lot more to purchase so DH and I have to prioritize what we need first and just take things from there. We are still trying to clean out the guest room. We made significant progress this weekend as we hauled some old furniture to the dump, found a great deal on some bookcases I needed, and picked out paint colors. I was waiting for the bedding before I could begin. I will take pictures as soon as the big things are done and see what you ladies think. I hope it all comes out looking like it does in my head. My head is a scary place and hard to recreate in real life. :)

My grandma came down for my shower and I am going with her and my mom to see "My Sister's Keeper" and have lunch today. I've read the book and am expecting a real tear jerker. But then again, everything makes me cry these days.

Then tonight is our second of five childbirth preparation classes we signed up for. These are really not DH's favorite. He says, "Why do you have to take classes? Are they going to refuse to deliver your baby if you don't have a certificate of completion or something?" He knows it means a lot to me so he goes. Every night there is a film which I'm sure is the highlight of his evening. During the one last week I could hear him mumbling "Oh my God!" right before the birth. I found it amusing. A lot of ladies were crying but I was too busy laughing at poor DH. In my mind I've decided I will most likely get a c-section. I don't really know what's led me to believe this. I think it's because I am so petite I am afraid she won't fit through or I am convinced she'll be breech (or is it breach?), or who knows what other scenario. I think it comes from the fact that I couldn't get pregnant "naturally", so how in the world would I be able to give birth that way. I feel like these classes are the closest I'll get to a vaginal birth.

I posted a full body shot this week because just the belly looked strange. Like a gigantic blob or something. . .30 weeks!


Ashley said...

Glad you had a great week!! Love the belly shot;) WOW..30 weeks!! You're almost's so exciting;) ((HUGS))

Michelle said...

You look sooooo darn cute! I can't wait to see pics of how everything is turning out! Wow, 30 weeks!! That's amazing. I'm sure the next 10 will FLY by!! I'm so happy for you!

Shanny said...

Glad you got a lot of much needed things at your shower!!! And...
Looking darn cute with that bump missy =)

Carrie said...

So glad you had another great shower and are making progress! You look so FREAKING cute!

Don't worry about the C-section too much. I am petite, too and had NO problem with the birth. It is amazing how the body, ahem, stretches. ;)

I loved your comment on my blog, by the way, about how you choose what to worry about. Sounds about as sounds as my methodology. We Wemberlies, we need to stick together!


Clio said...

yeay! look at your gorgeous belly! 30 weeks! wow! you're almost there. I wanna see the pictures for the nursery stuff, don't forget to post some. ;)

Mary said...

You're all belly! Adorable. I'm glad you guys got so much stuff at the shower. That must be a relief to be able to check stuff off the list. I always have thought I'd have a c-section too...dh says it's because I watch too many baby shows and they always end in c-sections, lol.

G said...

Congratulations on 30 weeks!!! How exciting!! The rest will fly by (so I've heard!)

Gorgeous photo, as usual :)