Sunday, May 31, 2009

26 Weeks

Words I never thought I'd see:

My whole work shower experience was so surreal (and wonderful). I kept feeling like I was at someone else's baby shower. Everything was so nicely done and I got so many things I needed. I realized we have so much to do to prepare our home. All of the presents are shoved into a corner of the dining room. DH and I spent last weekend trying to clean out the closets in the master bedroom so he has room to move all of his stuff in. He currently has all of his things in the other room that I want to convert to the nursery. We are trying to downsize from one room to two and it's not easy after living together for almost 8 years. I want to be past this yucky reorganization part and get to the fun decorating/nesting part. We have a ways to go. . .

Two more weeks of work to go before summer break. I can't wait. I am so ready.

Pregnancy wise, I'm trucking along. I love to feel her move. When she kicks me hard I giggle every time (unless she kicks my cervix-then it's not so funny). It's amazing to me. The other night in bed, DH got to feel some big rolls instead of just punches or kicks. It was very alien-like. It's those times where it hits me that someone else is inside me. I get so spoiled in those movement periods. I want to feel them constantly, 24 hours a day, but I know that doesn't happen yet. I try not to worry when I don't feel her move. The movements have been progressively increasing as the weeks go on. The more I get, the more I want though. (Damn you Wemberely!) My doctor doesn't have me doing a kick counts until 28 weeks. I try to remind myself that it is then you can feel them consistently enough to measure. And that is still two weeks away.

Here are my 25 and 26 week belly pics:

25 weeks

26 weeks


Melody said...

So glad you had a great shower! I'm sure she and you are JUST fine! You look so cute in your pictures :)

Ashley said...

That is so exciting!! I'm glad you had a wonderful shower;) I bet those kicks feel AMAZING..i'm looking forward to that!! You look beautiful!! ((HUGS))

Carrie said...

I am so glad you had a shower that you deserve! It sounds so fun... and all the girly things must've been wonderful! :)

Your belly is so darling- and I am so glad your little sweetie moves around plenty so you can (kind of) relax. You are getting so close!

Mimi said...

You are absolutely adorable!!! I had to giggle with the cervix comment. I was hacing really bad gas under my ribs and hubby said just wait until it's the baby! LOL I can't wait to get to where you are today! Yay!


Mandibula said...

I think I'm jealous! I can't wait for my shower and would love to be working on our nursery! I soooooo feel you on the cervix punches! I think one of mine is trying to create a new exit! Your pics are so cute! We're almost there! 90+ days left!!