Thursday, September 3, 2009


To Our Sweet Little Baby,

Tomorrow we meet you.

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting our whole lives for.

We already know so much about you.

We know you like sleeping in and sleeping hard like Daddy. We know you get "grumpy hungry" like Mommy and kick and fuss until we feed you. We know how much you like ice-cream and how your favorite thing to do is kick and kick your little foot. We know how much you are loved. You are loved by not just Daddy and Mommy, but your grandma and grandpa, your nana and papa, your three uncles and aunts, and countless friends ready and excited to meet you. We know you will be beautiful because you were created out of love and hope and prayers. We know how much you were wanted. We know we are blessed to have you.

Tomorrow we can hold you and kiss you and see your sweet face.

We can't believe this day is almost here.

We love you sweet Madelyn.

You are a dream come true.

Mommy and Daddy


Carrie said...

What a loving family she will be welcomed into! I cannot wait to hear how you feel to meet the angel you are so in love with already.

I will be thinking of you, wishing her a beautiful and easy entry into the world.

Welcome, Madelyn! You are so loved already!

Banana Pancakes said...

Aw, that totally made me cry :) Can't wait to "meet" your Maddy, post pictures soon! Hope everything goes smoothly for the both of you.

Mandibula said...

So much to say but no time to say it. GL! I can't wait to meet her! We all know you'll be busy recovering and bonding with your new bundle of joy but remember us stalks in bloggerville!! LOL

'Murgdan' said...

:-) Yay! Finally. What a sweet letter. I love it.

AmyC623 said...

That is very, very sweet! I can't wait to hear your story!!!!! Hugs and love to you and Madelyn!

Ashley said...

I'm so excited for you!! You MADE IT!!! I can't wait to see her sweet face;) I will be thinking of you honey!!

Melody said...

I so cannot wait to see her!