Saturday, April 18, 2009


Or so I hope. . . I'd love for her to stay in there another 20 weeks.

I had my OB appt Wednesday. I had several aches and pains to inquire about. The bigger I get, the newer the sensations of pulling, soreness, stretching, you name it. I wouldn't mind them a bit as long as someone could guarantee me they're normal. Nothing I said alarmed my OB. I often wonder if anything would. She's always so damn calm. . . I think she's on to my craziness.

Anyway, after I rattled down my list of symptoms and questions, we got to listen to the heartbeat on the doppler. As we were listening we heard a loud boom-type sound. We all jumped- it was loud. The doctor said it was her moving. We then heard several other little bumps on the monitor. (I couldn't feel anything at the time.)

Finally, at the end of the appt, I had to ask about our u/s results. She said everything looked fine and her anatomy was normal. I would have loved more details, but I'll take that good news and run with it.

My OB is a woman of few words and she is not the warmest soul in the world, (I don't think she really understands pregnancy after IF and the unique worries it brings.) but I am confident she is a good doctor, so I just try to go with that. One thing she is good at is being on time for her appts. and if you email her she gets back to you within an hour or two. For a doctor I think that's amazing and it means a lot to me.

I am feeling her move much more now. Especially in the last few days. Her rolling movements are interrupted with full fledged (gentle) kicks. I wish DH could feel them and to me if feels like they're hard enough that he should be able to, but she is just to little yet. I can't wait until he can share that too.

I've started researching baby things (a little bit). I think I have decided on the crib bedding set and I need to find a crib ASAP because my FIL offered to buy us one and I want to take him up on it before he forgets the offer. :) Maybe after our next appt (in four weeks) I'll think about registering and seriously getting prepared (maybe). . .

(19 weeks)

(20 weeks)


If you haven't already, please stop by Emily's blog and offer your congrats. She just got a long sought after BFP!!!! I'm so happy for her and Sean.


Carrie said...

Halfway! That is so very exciting. I love that you are feeling her move more now- your hubby will get to feel it soon, too I bet. It is amazing to share.

I love that your OB answers your emails. Oh my gosh- I can't even imagine!

BTW, your belly is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. Can't wait to see what crib you pick out. :)


Shanny said...

Halfway already? So cool!!!!
You'r tiny baby bump is so darn cute =)

Ashley said...

YAY!!! Halway there...that is SOOOO exciting!!! I LOVE THE BELLY:)

G said...

Wow, I can't believe you're already halfway there!! How exciting!! And your bump looks gorgeous as always :)

Lost in Space said...

It's hard to believe you are halfway already! Glad to hear all is going great.

Kristin said...

20 weeks... hooray! And you're still so tiny. I hope the second half goes well!

Mary said...

How is this going by so quick? For me at least, lol. That's wonderful that you have a dr that you like and trust. Awesome.

...and you look beautiful as always!