Sunday, April 26, 2009

21 Weeks

Work last week was really busy for me. Okay, not really busy in comparison to others' jobs, but really busy for lazy ol' me. Mostly it involved going to night functions after my work day ends. (Which for me is 3:15 or as soon as I can lock my classroom door and get to the parking lot. If I don't have a dreaded staff meeting.) I didn't realize how much I count on going straight home and relaxing. Anything more and I realize that I don't quite have the energy I thought I did.

Tuesday I had to do a phone bank. It's where you call people who live in our district and encourage them to vote for a parcel tax that is going to give money to our poor California school. It reminded me why I never thought of going into telemarketing. Luckily most people weren't home or weren't answering their phones so I finished pretty quickly.

Then Wednesday I had to come back to school for the "Read and Scoop" night which encourages families to buy books from the book fair and offers free ice cream. Teachers were encouraged to either read a book or scoop ice cream. I am not into manual labor so I choose to read. I sent all my children subliminal pot smoking messages and read them "Puff the Magic Dragon." (Kidding about the pot message, but I really did read that story). I love that song and the book comes with a CD so at the end I played that as well. I got a personal copy so I can play it for my daughter.

They talk about how important it is to read and sing to your baby in utero so she gets used to your voice. Thanks to my chosen career, I'm all set. That's what I do- read to kids. And everyday we play at least one song to sing. (Usually it's a patriotic song after the pledge. I should play her the CD when she's born and see which ones she recognizes. Not your common nursery songs, but hey, they'll do.)

I can feel her moving more and more now. I can tell when she's rolling, kicking, punching, or her new favorite hobby- stomping on my cervix. ("Hey sweet daughter, please don't do that. It needs to stay shut.") Yesterday DH finally got to feel her too. We were laying in bed and he just kept his hand there. She wasn't kicking until then. Then she gave him a good one and then another. He was so tickled.

I still worry. I am trying hard not to. My "Worry of the Week" was a UTI. My bladder has felt different lately. The pee doesn't come in a steady stream but it comes in spurts. I have no problem emptying my bladder though. Lately at night I have noticed a slight burning after but it goes away quickly. I had a urinalysis done at 18 weeks after the lack of steady stream and it came back fine, but this week after the burning started I requested another just to be sure. I was scaring myself reading about UTIs and preterm labor. I emailed my doctor to get an additional test. She can be such a bitch sometimes. She emails back, "You could get another test, but did you not trust the last one?" Um, it's been three weeks since then. I think you could develop a UTI in that amount of time. I don't need her lip or condescending attitude. I just wanted to pee in a cup. Stupid me assumed she had ordered the test. When I went to the lab after school, they had no record of it. She had been waiting for a response from me. I didn't think her email deserved a response. Needless to say, I finally got the test done and of course it came back all normal. Don't I look the paranoid ass? Oh well, I'd do it all over again for peace of mind.

I'll leave you with a 21 week belly shot. (I'm sorry. I like to document. I know they are looking all the same to you.)


Mary said...

They don't look the're getting bigger and you look great:)

I love it that you are talking about 'your daughter'. Precious.

And *f* that dr. If it made you feel better then she can shove it, lol.

Melody said...

You are too too cute! I had a CD made for Bailey with the songs from her 3D ultrasound! It was precious but again, not nursery rhymes :) I only had time to read half your post... I'm supposed to be going to the grocery store but since daddy graciously decided to keep B (and hopefully nap) I'm waiting until she actually falls asleep to see if he changes his mind, haha.

Carrie said...

You look great, and are definitely growing!

I love the Read and Scoop. It is so great that your daughter hears you reading aloud and singing all day. What a wonderful world for her to come into.

The UTI thing? I would've done the same thing, possibly drawing laughs from my doc, too. You have to do whatever makes you feel better!

Big hugs!

PJ said...

They definitely look different, especially scrolling down to 17 weeks and back up again! Too cute!

I have like four out of school hours events coming up. I am NOT a big fan of them! I don't know how you are able to leave on time. They have squandered away most of our planning time to meetings and so I am having to stay late several days a week to keep up! I used to even come in on the weekends, but I just about refuse to do that anymore.

Read Aloud's are definitely one of my favorite things to do, especially if I know the book well and can change my voice for the characters!

Mandibula said...

Oh no, they are getting bigger! You're entering the jiffy pop realm!

Ashley said...

I hate staying after school past 3 too!!! I have a set routine and faculty meetings screw everything up!!! Love the new belly pic!! ((HUGS))

G said...

Don't be sorry, I love your belly shots!! And I totally understand the paranoia. It's really hard not to overanalyse everything after all that you've been through to get this far!!
3 weeks is for sure long enough to develop a UTI, so I think the repeat test was totally justified. A perk of my work, is I can always get a random doctor to write me a request for a test, and look up my own results :)

Jill said...

Adorable belly pic!! And, I commend you for not backing down to your OB-a UTI can definitely occur in a 3 week time period. Plus, UTIs are very serious too us pregnant girls as they can lead to pre-term labor. Glad you are fine!